Our Team

Karim Allibhai - Custodian / CEO

Karim graduated from DeVry Institute with a Systems Analyst designation. He is a motivator and an entrepreneur most of his professional career. He thrives on being dynamic, perpetual learner, visionary and very passionate taking on challenges at hand. Karim believes you should help anyone in need or that ask for help at every opportunity! Karim brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and vision from serving various non-profits and as an Ismaili Volunteer since his childhood, where he has served in leadership capacity in various portfolios of the institution.  You may reach Karim at: (604) 626-1392.



William C. Tsai - Board of Directors

Mr. William C. Tsai is a higher education professional with over ten years of experience in Education Consulting. In his current role as student recruiter in Maple Overseas Cultural Foundation that he gives presentations to prospective students at various locations provide telephone outreach and coordinate campus tours with students and families. He enjoys travel and is capable of extensive overnight visits to campuses and education fairs for recruitment purposes.


Sean Harney - Board of Directors

Sean has years of experience in Sales and Marketing for companies such as Labatt and Coca – cola.
Sean also has 12 years experience in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry with CRAFT Beermarket and
Currently Sean is the GM of Sharkclub Vancouver.
Sean believes every person has the responsibility to improve and make a difference in the community he / she lives.
“Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. "



Azim Jina - Security Portfolio

Azim, a University of Cork graduate with a major in mechanical engineering, has been realtor for over 30 years and has developed a wide network of trusted relationships. Before this Azim was working with GE plants and a space communication programs. Azim has dedicated most of his life serving his community in various capacity roles including international NGOs, local municipalities and security requirements during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.


Amin Sunderji - GM Operations

Amin graduated with a Master's Degree in Business Administration in India. He has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with interests in Real Estate Development, Hospitality and Retail sectors. Amin currently volunteers for the Ismaili Community and has held leaderships roles during his tenure.   




Anika Valli - Administrator and Event Management

Anika is a recent graduate of The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Event Management and Marketing program. She has many years of customer service experience, with various retail companies. She enjoys working with, and meeting people from all walks of life. Prior to BCIT, she attended Douglas College in the History and English Departments before realizing her passion was in event planning and management. She is very excited to work with GIV and hopes to make a great impact!


Nalish Ladha - Partnerships and Sponsors

Nalish works with Abbotsford WORKS with her role in Community and Employer Relations. Her role allows her to connect with business leaders to help them find talent. As well as helping job seekers find meaningful employment. Prior to, Nalish served as a Licensee with Crestcom International for five years. She is a certified trainer and coach and continues to collaborate and work in leadership and self development. She has developed Family Leadership programs and facilitates workshops in schools to ensure children grow up with the right mindset and be able to build healthy relationships.


Ashifa Dina - First Aid Safety Portfolio

Ashifa is a nurse originally from East Africa. Ms. Dina has many years of experience as a volunteer in a leadership capacity. She thrives on motivation and working with motivated people. When Ashifa is not working or giving back she is raising her two daughters. 




Habib (Bob) Motan - Food Safe Portfolio

Habib brings vast knowledge and experience from the food industry. He is A family man born in Nairobi, Kenya. He volunteers to give back to society as it has given him so much in life. He  enjoys meeting new people sharing the same passion. Habib is also a recent graduate from the Citizens Police Academy.



David Mattu - Community Manager

David is a self employed business man.  He has been involved for the last 8 years volunteering for Mamta Foundation of Canada. His hobbies include, many outdoor activities, going to the gym and a huge passion for automobiles.  





Bob Rajwani - Event Lead

Bob has expertise in many areas such as the arts,cooking and event planning. His works of art range from nature to abstracts.  He loves travelling the world and gaining new experiences. Bob is employed on call basis for the film industry to work as a Background Performer with a focus to acting. He is currently working on a novel. His biggest motivator is "cause and effect" to volunteership. He is actively involved in causes such as British Columbia Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) which supports people with disabilities and the International Wine Festival's fundraisers.


Alfredo del Arenal – Social Media Community Manager

Besides his passion for travel, in 2016 & 2017 Alfredo planned, organized and ran 2 fundraising events called #TheBlindTaco, where around 50 people get together to enjoy Mexican Tacos... completely blindfolded!

The events raise awareness about being with vision loss, and proceeds went to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). Alfredo found a passion to GIVe back to the community through Philanthropy endeavors. The Blind Taco is now a yearly event!