DTES Neighbourhood House: Family Picnic September 3rd, 2017 *Click to Volunteer!*


The grassroots and secular DTES Neighbourhood House [DTES NH] is one of Vancouver’s newest NH.  Volunteers, staff and Board members work to fortify the voice and ambitions of our neighbours by sustaining a Neighbourhood House in which DTES residents of all ages, genders and ancestries sculpt their future while honouring the four founding DTES communities – Indigenous, Japanese, Chinese and Low-Income

Harambecouver: August 25th - 27th

UPDATE: The event pulled people from all backgrounds together to learn from, and educate each other as part of the initiative to build a stronger community! All while having fun and GIVing! *Click the image to see photos!*


GIV Accepts 2000 Hours 

A great success! Thank you for your support! 


UBC BLOCKATHON August 4th 2017

UPDATE : A great success! Thank you for your support!